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Bob Williams
CEO & Founder

"Bob has had an illustrious Marketing Career over the last 12 years. From owning and Operating Insurance Agencies, Venture Capital Companies and Leadership Positions in several Network Marketing Businesses. His hard work and determination has helped build Teams in the Tens of Thousands and catapulted a two man operation into a 19 Million Dollar-38 Employee Firm in only 13 months. However, Bob insists that past accomplishments will pale in comparison to how Robot Reply will impact Thousands of Individuals and Businesses in the "New Era of Internet Marketing."
Brian Garvin
President & Head of Marketing

Brian Garvin is considered by many to be one of the top Internet Marketers in the world today. Brian is a proven leader and consistent mid six figure income earner and has been responsible for a few great software innovations currently being used by tens of thousands of marketers worldwide. Brian's also been the top producer in some pretty well known programs. Let Brian tell you first hand why RobotReply is the best deal anywhere!

"Would just like to say that you've done a great job with the system running We will probably suggest your service to all our members as a mean of maximizing their results with our business. Your system is VERY userfriendly and I truly believe you got a genuine winner here."

Thomas Alling
CEO, Cutting Edge International (

"Wow, what an incredible value. I love the responders and ad-trackers. I'd use these even if we never received one lead. They were a snap to setup. What really excited me is all the other features you are always adding. You weren't kidding when you said you were making it your personal mission to be the best Automation Service online within 6 months of launching were you? Your service offers more features than most of the Automation Services that don't even offer leads. I can't imagine what it will be like 6 months from now. You can count on aggressive promotion from me in 2021. Thanks for offering this super service we can all use."

Miguel Alvarez
Cancun, Mexico
"The most advanced marketing hosting service ever developed"

"I've made close to a million dollars on-line with my websites in the last few years. As you know Brian, I also spoke along side you in Las Vegas at the Internet Marketing Super Conference. Like you would imagine, I view thousands of Business Opportunity Websites and tools. I'm also the owner of a couple very popular safelists. I can say without hesitation that Robot Reply will work to promote my websites, and ANY other website in existence today. I found the responders easy to setup and the support very courteous and friendly. You definitely have a huge winner on your hands. Me and my partner Lawrence Pryor will definitely be recommending Robot Reply to all our safelist customers."

Andrew Fox

"Your autoresponder looks AWESOME... I'm going to nail all my lists with it..."

Chris Fuchs
Las Vegas, NV.

"Good tools, leads and autoresponders are the crux of this industry and can really propel one's business into the stratosphere, especially if the tools were put together by people with experience in the field and true know-how. Well done guys!"

Dan Valter

"After my initial bad experience with lead quality, I wanted to let you see this: "The list was successfully parsed for 220 and 218 subscribers were added to your list. " The best experience ever with leads..."

Orbie Rivers
Dallas, TX.

"Your system is wonderful and I am recommending that the serious marketers in my group signup and use your system just like I do. My partner and I spent almost $300 last month signing up and testing autoresponders. Your system not only won hands down as the best system, but it was the least expensive."

Doris Birung
Las Vegas, NV.

"Not often do you hear directly from one of the masterminds of a program when searching for solutions. The personal touch makes a world of difference. I feel so much better knowing that my small investment is in 'good hands'. It further adds to the integrity and credibility of your programs.

Also, I'm really enjoying RobotReply and its many features. I edit all my emails in RobotReply using the 'spam filtering tool' before sending them out. One less email in a bulk folder could mean extra dollars in one's account. What a wonderful idea and marketing tool. Great Job, indeed!!!!!!! Thanks again for the assurance of fresh leads."

Alyne Washington
Gary, IN.

"I can not say enough about your customer support!! It is awesome! Thanks!"

Larry Fleckinger
Cocoa, FL.

"I used to work with 6 different autoresponder systems because each one had a feature I needed. But once I started to use Robot Reply the need to use anything else is gone! I finally found a system I’m 100% comfortable with. The mailings are super fast, the leads are great and the anti-spam checker is the most helpful tool to get my messages delivered. I can (and will), in good faith, recommend it to all my team members."

Gabriel Nave
Full Time Networker

"Bob and Brian, Wow...this system is incredible and your support is Top Notch. You guys have taken internet marketing to another level! You have put together a user friendly marketing system with all the bells and whistles for the advanced marketer to capitalize and explode their business! Having the ability to promote all your businesses out of one portal with all the tools set up for you ready to go, there is nothing out there on the net like it. The first step to marketing your business online is getting Robot Reply! Excellent Job guys!"

Michael Beecroft

" I've tried autoresponders before and given up because they are so difficult to use. But yours was screaming easy!"

Robin Magee

"I have access to millions of Opt-In Leads which I will be cutting up and distributing to my downline members as an incentive to join Robot Reply. Any site that's getting more traffic than, and within 2 weeks, is the top 5,000 on Alexa within 72 hours, received over 85,000 UNIQUE hits the first month in "beta" mode and picks up over 400 members without marketing to but a couple lists, I don't have to think twice about which team I wanna be on. I wanna be on the winning team. I'm a football coach part time, and all I can say is Robot Reply on 3.. READY.. BREAK!!"

Rick Hamilton
Ogden, Iowa

"Just wanted to thank you for your professionalism, your quick responses, and the time you take with your customers. The system is absolutely amazing. I'm only sorry I didn't use this great tool sooner. You've really put together a great follow-up system. Everyone involved with Internet marketing should be using this!"

Pat Blanks
Dover, DE.

"Great Tools and Leads! I have found that Brian Garvin does what he says he'll do. What attracted me to RobotReply was the unlimited use of autoresonders, plus the low priced exclusive leads. This combo alone can put you into hyper growth in no time. I also like the fact that the people Brian associates with are very optimistic about the Internet, while others are still wondering if it will work, they just do it and it does happen! They make things happen using the Internet and that's how I feel also!"

Robert Valarde

"I am amazed. In 4 years of network-marketing I've never seen this before. I worked all night to set up your responder-system. I also did set up my new web site I tested the responder with all its functions and everything is working great - believe me - I've seen all the programs on the internet. Good ones and very bad ones. This one is the best responder system today."

Ton Boerkamp
Apeldoorn, Netherlands

"Wow! I've used for 2 weeks and my primary program is already seeing fantastic results. The leads work, the owners are solid, the features are user-friendly and work great and the system is always up and running."

Mike Ede
Ontario, Canada

"Bob and Brian.. You guys actually pulled it off. I've made enough money with Brian Garvin this year to purchase a Mobile Home with cash, buy a bus, two cars and STILL have enough money left over to do what I want each month, so I can say without reservation that Brian knows how to make as much money on-line as he wants to make. After reviewing every aspect of this system, I couldn't find one thing I wanted that wasn't included."

Richard Dine
Belle Fourche, SD.

"Hello Brian and Bob, this tool will be invaluable to me. I can just setup my follow-up letters one time and let the leads to all the work, all I have to do now is sit back and take phone calls as they come in. This is coming from someone who uses autoresponders all the time, this one is the best I've seen. Take the best features from all the rest, combine them into one service, add traffic and outstanding support and you have"

Jeff West
Lynchburg, VA.

"Hello I just joined Robot Reply for the leads. If there's any reason to join, do it just for the leads. They are super high quality for the extremely low price. You really have something special going here. Keep up the great work, it will benefit us all in the long run. I always like the word T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More!"

David Deluna
Sacramento, CA.

"It was so easy to increase my sales from my main program using the high quality leads and wonderful tools in Robot Reply. I just wish it had been around 3 years ago. My first priority was recruiting 12 members into Robot Reply fast, now I have enough leads each month to work any program full time. It's a win/win deal and much better offer than all the major lead companies are offering. I guess it pays to have the connections Bob and Brian do. Congrats."

Chris Molinari
Corrales, NM.

"I was amazed at the quality of the product, the ease of use and the ongoing support. The step-by-step video tutorials made things a snap and all my questions were answered immediately by the polite support personnel."

Jeff Kinseth
Cedar Rapids, IA.

"Hey Brian.. Robot Reply has helped me tremendously. I had trouble using some of the User UNfriendly autoresponder services before. Once people signup for Robot Reply, they won't want to go back to the old one they were using. There's just too much personal guidance, tutorials and support. I'm getting spoiled already!"

Hans Park
Oceanside, CA.

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  This page proudly presented by Bob Williams and Brian Garvin!

 Billing and Pricing FAQ's

How Expensive is
We believe in giving before we receive. is a FREE service under the condition that you purchase a minimum of 200 leads per month from us which will cost you $34.95 per month. This is the basis of our offer. However we designed this system to give away the tools free. We've even developed a very lucrative lead compensation plan to help people explode their businesses.
Please explain the different pricing packages and how they differ? Please also go into detail about import limits.
Please keep in mind that with ALL these packages, you will be able to generate unlimited leads with the Opt-In Lightning Pop-Up we offer that links to all your autoresponders or leads you generate through the autoresponders themselves.. meaning when you get people to request more information from your autoresponder (e.g. sending a blank email at [email protected]).

Package #1 - Our First package is the FREE trial option. This is for our "skeptics" and people who want to make sure we're all we say we are before committing monetarily. You will receive 50 leads and an import limit of 100 prospects. This package is our intro package and allows you to "kick our tires" and check our company out. When you signup for this package, you will automatically be upgraded to our $34.95 within 30 days unless you decide to cancel.

Package #2 - Our Second and most popular package by far is our $34.95 Per Month Package. This package gives you 200 Quality Leads from 1-30 days old each month. You'll be allowed to import 75,000 leads the first month at a rate of 3,000 per day for the first 25 days. I'm sure you can understand that the reason we have to impose this restriction on the leads. We do this to prevent extreme network abuse from people who join our system for no other reason than to intentionally spam OR for people who might accidently buy some sub-standard list from somewhere else, import the leads into our system and generate complaints. At 3,000 imports per day, if someone gets a poison list, we'll know in time and will be able to ask the user to purge their list before they do too much network damage. We actually made this rule to protect our users, verses cancelling their accounts like some other AR services do. We want to work with everyone and put this limitation in place so we can work personally with you to rectify the problem before cancelling your account. We're the only autoresponder service we know of that has a purge feature. The difference between a purge feature and an export feature is a purge feature allows the user to dump or "purge" their leads from our system where as our export feature just allows the user to make a copy of their leads to their hard drive.

Package #3 - Our Third and fairly popular package is our $59.95 per month package. This package gives you 500 Quality Leads from 1-30 days old each month. The import limits are the exact same as Package #2 ($34.95 per month package).

Package #4 - Our Fourth Package is our $99.00 per month package. This package gives you 1000 Quality Leads from 1-30 days old each month. The import limits are the exact same as Package #2 ($34.95 per month package). This package is for the user who wants to build their business a little quicker.

Package #5 - Our Fifth Package is our $199.00 per month package. This package gives you 2,500 Quality Leads from 1-30 days old each month. The import limits are the exact same as Package #2 ($34.95 per month package). This package is for the Power User who is serious about building an Internet Business. Purchasing this package you'll receive 50% more leads for your dollar than Package #5 above.

Package #6 - Our Sixth Package is our $499.00 per month package. This package gives you 7,500 Quality Leads from 1-30 days old each month. The import limits are the exact same as Package #2 ($34.95 per month package). This package is for the Extreme Power User who is very serious about building a long lasting Internet Business. Purchasing this package you'll receive 3x more leads for your dollar than Package #6 above.

What is the Refund Policy?
There are no refunds for this service because we're not charging for the use of our service, we are only charging for the leads we are delivering to you. Once the leads are delivered into your account, we can't sell or give these leads to anyone else again since they are "exclusive leads". What this means is that we have to assume you've used them, since there's no other way we can prove otherwise.
How do I Cancel my account?

Step 1:
After you login the members area, you will notice towards the bottom of the Help Menu there is a 'Cancel Account' link. Just click on that.

Step 2:
Optionally you can enter a reason for cancellation to help our quality control purposes so we can find out how to improve our system in the future.

Your account will be cancelled and confirmed by our customer support executives within 1 business day from the time of your closing request.

If you need to close your account from outside your member's area please direct email to our support ticketing system at [email protected] with your username and we will cancel it manually and send you a confirmation within 1 business day.

*Free trial accounts will not be charged anything if closed within 30 days of signup.

 Affiliate FAQ's

Does your affiliate program cost extra to get started?
No, participation in the Robot Reply affiliate program is absolutely free and is included with your membership. Of course we can't make you promote Robot Reply, but with our custom viral affiliate tools and ease of recruitment we're sure that you will want to promote Robot Reply along with your favorite programs.
How do I know I'm being tracked properly?
One of the best features we offer to promote Robot Reply is our built in follow-up system. When you send someone to this Robot Reply website using your affiliate URL, no matter which page of the website they go on they will be tracked. The sponsors name is listed on each page so there is no doubt who is the referrer. Now if one of your prospects requests our built in Free Informational Follow-Up series you will be tracked for that as well, even if they request it using the Opt-In Lightning style popup. If Jack refers Jill to our site Jill can get subscribed to our follow-up autoresponder, you know, the one with the Blond Lady in front... But, when the reply goes out any variable in the 'robotreplylessons' messages will be personalized with Jack's account.. So the follow-up links are personalized to make sure the affiliate who sent the prospects to the follow-up series gets proper credit. You just send the traffic our way and we'll close them for you.
If I'm using Robot Reply can I promote it effortlessly, in other words, without going out and actively driving traffic to the site?
Yes you can! In fact, we have a cutting edge, built-in, automated promotional tool that will allow you to do this. On each of your manual mailings (broadcasts) and follow-up mailings a small affiliate ad promoting Robot Reply is available. You have the option to include this small ad at the Top, Bottom and you even have the option not to include the ad at all. Of course we highly advise you include the ad, it will only help you and your downline's volume increase much faster. This built-in ad defaults at the BOTTOM of each broadcast and follow-up mailing sent out, but can be changed by you at anytime.
What makes the Robot Reply affiliate program BETTER than programs that pay Cash?
Here's why, and after this explanation you'll see the light. If we payed out cash, which we easily could, your business could never possibly build at anywhere near the rate it would build if we gave you high quality leads, MOST IMPORTANTLY when considering the mark down from retail to wholesale. And this is the primary reason Network Marketing companies fall apart from the bottom up. Truth is that 95% of the people in your organization would either squander their checks on fun stuff or BLOW their checks on advertising that doesn't work, or even worse, swallowed whole by the sharks out there who INTENTIONALLY sell useless advertising to make a quick buck. When this happens, your network organization you've spent your hard earned time and money building is just waiting to rip apart at the seams. Morale drops off and they quit because they've spent their money and haven't seen the return they expected. This way you know as a rep that as you recruit people into Robot Reply and as your downline does the same, your Business Volume will HAVE TO build much, much faster. There's no way around it. For every dollar you and your downline spend you are guaranteed more leads, inquiries and sales. There's no real magic to this, it's just running the numbers. The problem is the numbers never run right when people get checks, because there's nothing forcing them to purchase the right thing with it. Plus you have to understand that a considerable amount of our profits are spent distributing the best leads available to you and your team, at wholesale prices. In this case, by forcing people to keep their hand out of the cookie jar we can better ensure your company creates the perfect marketing machine which can paint a smile on a lot of faces later.

The biggest mistake on-line tool providers make is paying cash for this very reason. The other problem with this, and yes there IS a secondary problem which is also obvious, is that everyone is concerned about how much they are making with their autoresponder company, and it frustrates leaders and other members because EVERYONE is losing focus on the most important thing.. and that's building their primary program. This is all the more reason to Join Robot Reply.

 Lead FAQ's

I just can't Format my Leads. I feel like I'm stuck. Are there other options or is this service at least oursourced?
Yes we can help. We don't ever want you to feel stone walled. We don't personally offer this service but we know a couple people who do. If you need to use a Professional Lead Formatting service, we have a couple resources you can choose from. Please check out the 'Recommended Sites' section of the 'Help' Menu for details. We understand that Formatting Leads is just too much for some people to understand or do deal with. We can get you in touch with someone that will format your leads for a small fee to ensure they are 100% compatable with Turn around time is usually 1-2 working days.
What are Your Requirements for Lead Imports?
Before you import your Leads into, we insist that they meet certain requirements. All leads must include Name, Email Address, IP, and Date Stamp at a bare minumum. This won't ever present an issue for you because our system automatically checks for these items. If your leads don't have them you won't be able to import them anyway.
Is there a Cap on the number of leads you allow in your system?
Yes, you can store up to 75,000 prospects into our system. You can upload 3,000 per day for 25 days for our Packages priced at $34.95 and above. This is the cap on all your RobotReply autoresponders combined per paid account. You can always purchase other accounts if you wish to increase your total import limits.
Do you run Lead Promotions?
Yes we do usually run monthly lead promotions. What's even better is that we guarantee all the leads we sell you from spam complaints. In other words, if we sell you leads and they generate spam complaints we will not hold you responsible.
Explain Robo Purge™ and how does it relate to leads?
Basically Robo Purge™ will be a huge advantage to you. It differs from our "export" feature. When someone exports leads, they simply make a copy of their leads from our server to their hard drive. An export feature is standard in any half way decent autoresponder service. However, when you use our Robo Purge™ feature, you can actually dump all or part of your prospects so you can import fresh ones. In fact, it came as a total shock to us that no other autoresponder service offered this. You're allowed to purge your responders once per week and you can purge all your old prospects and replace them with fresh ones! If you can put 2 + 2 together, you can see the extreme marketing benefit of this feature.
How often are we allowed to manually broadcast to all our leads?
You may send out 3 broadcasts per week to your leads. This means you can send out three on Monday morning or one Monday, Wednesday and Friday or any other combination of 3 broadcasts within a weeks time. Please keep in mind that this is different from your automated follow-ups that you can schedule to go out each day, right to the hour!
What if I had loftier goals and I wanted to send broadcasts 3 times per week to 750,000 prospects. How would I do this. In other words, can I purchase multiple accounts with Robot Reply?
Yes you can! You can purchase unlimited accounts with us. We are flexible and ready to help you achieve your highest aspirations online. You can order multiple accounts from our back office. This entitles you to every single membership benefit that purchasing one account would give you 10x over. The only thing that would be different is you can't earn lead credits with our affiliate program for yourself or your sponsor by opening up multiple accounts under yourself.
What seperates Robot Reply leads from other sources?
Price - We have Long Lasting Relationships with 3 of the largest Targeted Lead Generation Companies on the Net. We purchase in Huge Quantities, therefore receiving Leads at a fraction of Retail. Thus passing the savings onto the Robot Reply Community.

Effectiveness - Our Leads Produce Results -- These are the same sources that We use and Trust. Once we receive them, they will only be sold once to our Subscribers, thus not getting bombarded by 25 other offers. The leads you get are ONLY distributed to you.. that's it..

Experience - We have a combined 20 Years in MLM, Affiliate Programs and Other Home Businesses. We are always researching this Ever-Changing Environment and making Changes as needed. Therefore, eliminating the Same Ol'...Same Ol' Mentality.
What Kind of Leads do we offer?
We only offer Targeted Business Opportunity Seekers. All include Name, Email Address, Date of Optin, IP Address and some have Phone Numbers and Addresses although we don't guarantee Phone Numbers and Physical Addresses.
How are Your Leads Delivered and how long does it take for them to get delivered?
Your Leads will be delivered in a .csv (comma delimited format) to the email address of your choice. You can use MS Excel or MS notepad to open your file. Leads can take anywhere from 1-5 days to get delivered to your account from the date you sign up.

 Account Setup & Operation FAQ's

I'm a Newbie. How do I get started?
We're honored to have the opportunity to show you how to use our system. Simply visit the 'Help' menu in the upper right corner of your back office. It includes a Quick Setup Guide, a Site F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) manual (this is where you're at now ;0, and you can even contact us personally should our other methods of support fail. The bottom line is we will get you moving.
My Autoresponder is not working. What should I do?
In order for your account to work, you need to create and save at least one message. If you aren't sure how to do that, please follow our instructions under the Create, View and Edit autoresponders.. If you have saved your messages, but none of them has "0" time interval, then your autoresponder will not send instant responses, only follow ups.

Another cause for your autoresponder not working is that you have entered an invalid e-mail address in "FROM Field" section of your account Settings. Make sure that it contains your valid e-mail address (like [email protected]). If you put any address there, your account won't work.
What if someone asks a question when they email my autoresponder? How will I be able to answer them if the email is sent to my autoresponder?
While most of your prospects will send a simple blank e-mail to request information from your Autoresponder, some may ask questions. These obviously can't be answered by an e-mail robot and require human attention. Your attention. You can configure your account to receive a copy of the message that your autoresponder receives.
If I add a new message to my existing messages in my autoresponder, will my current prospects receive the new message, even if they have just received the first message and the new message is a follow up for 5 days later?
Yes! Your active prospects will always receive the updated message set. The same applies when you modify or delete your messages.
How long will it take to create and activate my new account?
Almost instantly! The whole process usually takes just a few seconds! Once you signup you will receive an email with your login information.
May I also use my Website to collect and add new leads?
Absolutely! You can create instant Opt-In Lightning style pop-ups which are proven to generate a much higher percentage of leads per visitors than traditional subscribe boxes. With you can also create on-the-fly subscription forms. You will be able to instantly generate the necessary HTML code in the 'Power Tools' menu located at the top of the page. This HTML code comes with detailed instructions, and is made to paste inside your HTML document which you will upload to the web and start instantly collecting subscribers. These subscribers will automatically be placed into the autoresponder you choose.
I want to occasionally add prospects manually, is this possible?
Absolutely! With, Under the 'Subscribers Menu' located at the top of the page you will see the option to manually add a subscriber. This is the perfect way to add a friend, associate or Hot prospect anytime you need to. You can manually add prospects to any autoresponder you want. It works the same as if they requested the information themselves, so please make sure you have their permission to send them a commercial e-mail message or you could get a spam complaint.
How do I configure my Account?
Once you login you will have access to your 'Site Configuration' menu. From here you can do all your configuring which includes:

1. Updating your Owner Records and Billing Information
2. Modifying your Administration Password
3. Setting up Custom Signup Fields
4. Disable or Re-Enable Introduction Messages
5. Log-Off
How many follow up messages may I create?
Currently with our system you can create unlimited follow-up messages.
Can we Personalize our Outgoing Messages?
Yes! This includes your introduction messages as well as your follow-ups. This is one of features that makes RobotReply so intelligent. Personalization is a powerful tool that will increase your sales with almost no effort! You can use the pre-set variables such as firstname and email or you may use personalized variables that you create.
What's a Personalization Variable?
A personalization variable is entered into your message to personalize it for each prospect. You may want to address your message using a prospect's first name for example. You can add a reference to the prospect's business by adding his/her company name into your message. You would do this by capturing this information through a custom subscribe form where you generated the fields and collected this information via the web.
Do I lose my prospects' feedback if they reply to my automated sales messages instead of contacting me directly?
No! You can easily modify FROM: field (via Control Panel) of all outgoing messages, so that prospects' e-mails will always reach you.
Can I change my account name later if I wish?
Yes, you can change your account name to anything you wish (as long as the new name is not already taken).
How can I Change my Password?
Once you log into your account, go to Site Administration and select 'Modify Admin Password' from the menu. Follow the simple instructions on this page and your on your way.

 General FAQ's

What is an an Autoresponder and HOW do they work?
An autoresponder is an automated message robot that's made to deliver messages at specified times and at specified intervals. autoresponders are very user friendly and we offer many types of support. You use your Control Panel to write your sales messages and set up time intervals between their delivery. Your potential customers request information via e-mail and they get it in a matter of seconds. adds their names and e-mail addresses to your database and schedules delivery of follow up messages.
What are the BENEFITS of Autoresponder FOLLOW-UP Marketing?
Follow Up Marketing will allow you to:

1. Make money while you sleep
( works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!)

2. Save your time, effort and money
(you don't have to do this stuff manually!)

3. Increase your leads, sales and convertion rates
(your customers don't forget about you)

4. Build customer confidence and trust

This type of marketing is absolutely necessary to learn no matter what business you are in, whether you sell low, medium or high ticket products.
Do I have to be a Network Marketer to use Robot Reply?
No you don't! In fact, Robot Reply is made for all Network Marketers, Internet Marketers and Affiliate Marketers alike. Anyone who markets anything on the internet, even if it's not biz opp related will benefit from our service. Even if you're selling model trains.
Do we have to be a member of a certain program to use Robot Reply and will it affect our membership in any way?
Absolutely not! No matter what program you are involved with, whether it's another affiliate program, your own cash cow you're promoting or someone elses Network Marketing program, we're sure you'll find our system as a great way to build long-term income promoting your programs.
May I change my messages whenever I want or is there a limit?
You are free to change your messages as often as you like on any of your autoresponders at any time you want!
What if my sales messages are really long? Do I have to pay extra?
No! You can have as many long messages as you like - there's no limit!
What if my prospects don't want to receive my follow up messages?
Every message generated by will automatically contain a footer with removal information. Your prospects can remove themselves instantly just by clicking a link, without your intervention!
Am I allowed to use spam to market my Autoresponders all over the internet?
No. We have a very strict anti-spam policy and we will discontinue your account if we find out you are intentionally spamming. Please be advised there is always two sides to a story and we will allow our members to appropriately voice their side. In most cases we'll give our valued members 5 chances. If you get 1- 2 spam complaints we'll generally ask you to purge your list.


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