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Bob Williams
CEO & Founder

"Bob has had an illustrious Marketing Career over the last 12 years. From owning and Operating Insurance Agencies, Venture Capital Companies and Leadership Positions in several Network Marketing Businesses. His hard work and determination has helped build Teams in the Tens of Thousands and catapulted a two man operation into a 19 Million Dollar-38 Employee Firm in only 13 months. However, Bob insists that past accomplishments will pale in comparison to how Robot Reply will impact Thousands of Individuals and Businesses in the "New Era of Internet Marketing."
Brian Garvin
President & Head of Marketing

Brian Garvin is considered by many to be one of the top Internet Marketers in the world today. Brian is a proven leader and consistent mid six figure income earner and has been responsible for a few great software innovations currently being used by tens of thousands of marketers worldwide. Brian's also been the top producer in some pretty well known programs. Let Brian tell you first hand why RobotReply is the best deal anywhere!

"Would just like to say that you've done a great job with the system running We will probably suggest your service to all our members as a mean of maximizing their results with our business. Your system is VERY userfriendly and I truly believe you got a genuine winner here."

Thomas Alling
CEO, Cutting Edge International (

"Wow, what an incredible value. I love the responders and ad-trackers. I'd use these even if we never received one lead. They were a snap to setup. What really excited me is all the other features you are always adding. You weren't kidding when you said you were making it your personal mission to be the best Automation Service online within 6 months of launching were you? Your service offers more features than most of the Automation Services that don't even offer leads. I can't imagine what it will be like 6 months from now. You can count on aggressive promotion from me in 2021. Thanks for offering this super service we can all use."

Miguel Alvarez
Cancun, Mexico
"The most advanced marketing hosting service ever developed"

"I've made close to a million dollars on-line with my websites in the last few years. As you know Brian, I also spoke along side you in Las Vegas at the Internet Marketing Super Conference. Like you would imagine, I view thousands of Business Opportunity Websites and tools. I'm also the owner of a couple very popular safelists. I can say without hesitation that Robot Reply will work to promote my websites, and ANY other website in existence today. I found the responders easy to setup and the support very courteous and friendly. You definitely have a huge winner on your hands. Me and my partner Lawrence Pryor will definitely be recommending Robot Reply to all our safelist customers."

Andrew Fox

"Your autoresponder looks AWESOME... I'm going to nail all my lists with it..."

Chris Fuchs
Las Vegas, NV.

"Good tools, leads and autoresponders are the crux of this industry and can really propel one's business into the stratosphere, especially if the tools were put together by people with experience in the field and true know-how. Well done guys!"

Dan Valter

"After my initial bad experience with lead quality, I wanted to let you see this: "The list was successfully parsed for 220 and 218 subscribers were added to your list. " The best experience ever with leads..."

Orbie Rivers
Dallas, TX.

"Your system is wonderful and I am recommending that the serious marketers in my group signup and use your system just like I do. My partner and I spent almost $300 last month signing up and testing autoresponders. Your system not only won hands down as the best system, but it was the least expensive."

Doris Birung
Las Vegas, NV.

"Not often do you hear directly from one of the masterminds of a program when searching for solutions. The personal touch makes a world of difference. I feel so much better knowing that my small investment is in 'good hands'. It further adds to the integrity and credibility of your programs.

Also, I'm really enjoying RobotReply and its many features. I edit all my emails in RobotReply using the 'spam filtering tool' before sending them out. One less email in a bulk folder could mean extra dollars in one's account. What a wonderful idea and marketing tool. Great Job, indeed!!!!!!! Thanks again for the assurance of fresh leads."

Alyne Washington
Gary, IN.

"I can not say enough about your customer support!! It is awesome! Thanks!"

Larry Fleckinger
Cocoa, FL.

"I used to work with 6 different autoresponder systems because each one had a feature I needed. But once I started to use Robot Reply the need to use anything else is gone! I finally found a system I’m 100% comfortable with. The mailings are super fast, the leads are great and the anti-spam checker is the most helpful tool to get my messages delivered. I can (and will), in good faith, recommend it to all my team members."

Gabriel Nave
Full Time Networker

"Bob and Brian, Wow...this system is incredible and your support is Top Notch. You guys have taken internet marketing to another level! You have put together a user friendly marketing system with all the bells and whistles for the advanced marketer to capitalize and explode their business! Having the ability to promote all your businesses out of one portal with all the tools set up for you ready to go, there is nothing out there on the net like it. The first step to marketing your business online is getting Robot Reply! Excellent Job guys!"

Michael Beecroft

" I've tried autoresponders before and given up because they are so difficult to use. But yours was screaming easy!"

Robin Magee

"I have access to millions of Opt-In Leads which I will be cutting up and distributing to my downline members as an incentive to join Robot Reply. Any site that's getting more traffic than, and within 2 weeks, is the top 5,000 on Alexa within 72 hours, received over 85,000 UNIQUE hits the first month in "beta" mode and picks up over 400 members without marketing to but a couple lists, I don't have to think twice about which team I wanna be on. I wanna be on the winning team. I'm a football coach part time, and all I can say is Robot Reply on 3.. READY.. BREAK!!"

Rick Hamilton
Ogden, Iowa

"Just wanted to thank you for your professionalism, your quick responses, and the time you take with your customers. The system is absolutely amazing. I'm only sorry I didn't use this great tool sooner. You've really put together a great follow-up system. Everyone involved with Internet marketing should be using this!"

Pat Blanks
Dover, DE.

"Great Tools and Leads! I have found that Brian Garvin does what he says he'll do. What attracted me to RobotReply was the unlimited use of autoresonders, plus the low priced exclusive leads. This combo alone can put you into hyper growth in no time. I also like the fact that the people Brian associates with are very optimistic about the Internet, while others are still wondering if it will work, they just do it and it does happen! They make things happen using the Internet and that's how I feel also!"

Robert Valarde

"I am amazed. In 4 years of network-marketing I've never seen this before. I worked all night to set up your responder-system. I also did set up my new web site I tested the responder with all its functions and everything is working great - believe me - I've seen all the programs on the internet. Good ones and very bad ones. This one is the best responder system today."

Ton Boerkamp
Apeldoorn, Netherlands

"Wow! I've used for 2 weeks and my primary program is already seeing fantastic results. The leads work, the owners are solid, the features are user-friendly and work great and the system is always up and running."

Mike Ede
Ontario, Canada

"Bob and Brian.. You guys actually pulled it off. I've made enough money with Brian Garvin this year to purchase a Mobile Home with cash, buy a bus, two cars and STILL have enough money left over to do what I want each month, so I can say without reservation that Brian knows how to make as much money on-line as he wants to make. After reviewing every aspect of this system, I couldn't find one thing I wanted that wasn't included."

Richard Dine
Belle Fourche, SD.

"Hello Brian and Bob, this tool will be invaluable to me. I can just setup my follow-up letters one time and let the leads to all the work, all I have to do now is sit back and take phone calls as they come in. This is coming from someone who uses autoresponders all the time, this one is the best I've seen. Take the best features from all the rest, combine them into one service, add traffic and outstanding support and you have"

Jeff West
Lynchburg, VA.

"Hello I just joined Robot Reply for the leads. If there's any reason to join, do it just for the leads. They are super high quality for the extremely low price. You really have something special going here. Keep up the great work, it will benefit us all in the long run. I always like the word T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More!"

David Deluna
Sacramento, CA.

"It was so easy to increase my sales from my main program using the high quality leads and wonderful tools in Robot Reply. I just wish it had been around 3 years ago. My first priority was recruiting 12 members into Robot Reply fast, now I have enough leads each month to work any program full time. It's a win/win deal and much better offer than all the major lead companies are offering. I guess it pays to have the connections Bob and Brian do. Congrats."

Chris Molinari
Corrales, NM.

"I was amazed at the quality of the product, the ease of use and the ongoing support. The step-by-step video tutorials made things a snap and all my questions were answered immediately by the polite support personnel."

Jeff Kinseth
Cedar Rapids, IA.

"Hey Brian.. Robot Reply has helped me tremendously. I had trouble using some of the User UNfriendly autoresponder services before. Once people signup for Robot Reply, they won't want to go back to the old one they were using. There's just too much personal guidance, tutorials and support. I'm getting spoiled already!"

Hans Park
Oceanside, CA.

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  This page proudly presented by Bob Williams Brian Garvin!

These are the features that our system supports. Actions speak louder than words, and after you read this extensive list of useful features, you'll know we put our money where our mouth is. You'll JUST HAVE to try out our system.


Robot Reply India Office - Just Added (????.. LOL..)!! As you can see the Robot Reply team is growing. We now have 9 people in the company, 3 partners and 6 employees. 5 operate from India, then there's Brenda and her new assistant in Michigan and then Bob and Brian. The India office is really the machine behind the machine so to speak. San, the lead programmer and one of our partners has extraordinary marketing skills so you can imagine how fast things are starting to move. Membership and business has picked up since adding these great folks on our team. Out of the 5 programmers, all have BS Degrees in Computer Science and one even has a Masters Degree! So we can put together any useful feature a member requests within a week or so.

In addition to this, one of the India Team members will be taking on the duties as the head of marketing. This will be a full time marketing person being currently trained real well by Brian Garvin. Once this is in place, we hope to increase our business at least 400% within the next 9 months and stabilize as an Internet Marketing Business that pulls in a very healthy income. A business with long-term strategies and goals, and a business that really wants to go the extra mile to help you succeed in all your Marketing efforts.

Click here to Visit our new Office!

RobotReply Autoresponder Letter Directory - Just Added 06/23/2021!!

This is where you can share a business opportunity with other RobotReply Members through Automated Follow-Up Letters you either created or have legal access to distribute! Our site is designed to serve all types of internet marketers in a wide variety of programs. Some of our members are veteran Internet Marketers while some are new and are just starting out learning about Internet Marketing. This is a golden opportunity for the veterans to teach the new folks something by sharing what they are promoting and how. It’s very simple, people with a business opportunity they are promoting via RobotReply can share their autoresponder letters with the rest of the community here.

Ok, but how do the people sharing their letters get anything out of this? Think about it like this, people who will be downloading your letters are nothing but the best targeted readers you can ever find (budding internet marketers looking to promote opportunities). More than likely they are also your friends, associates or someone you can now convince to recruit into your opportunity because Robot Reply now has the letters automatically available to them. Anyone downloading these letters will be scrutinizing every single word of it and learning the ABCs of your product along with it! It’s a win-win game. You get to promote your products to laser targeted member’s inside our directory while at the same time the new members can get a place to start and learn something from the people who already are successfully using autoresponders. This is yet ANOTHER feature that proves once again that Robot Reply is responsive to the needs of it's members.

The Video Bot - Just Added 05/25/2021!!

It is often said that a Picture can speak more then a thousand Words. Then just Imagine the Power of Online Streaming Video...

RobotReply has Introduced TheVideoBot - An Easy to Use, Free to use Integerated Instant Video Generation Tool for RobotReply Member's. Yes, it's just part of your Robot Reply membership. All you Need for creating a New Video with TheVideoBot is a simple Microphone, any Web Camera and an Internet Connection.

Some Features included in TheVideoBot are:

1.) TheVideoBot is customized for 3 Different Video Sizes and 5 Different Internet Connection Speeds, which means that you could generate High Quality Videos even from a Simple Dialup Connection.

2.) You could generate unlimited Free Videos with absolutely No Limits.

3.) No Sophisticated Instrument or Costly Software is required to record these videos.

4.) These Videos are specially designed for publishing on the Internet. You can generate easy to use, Copy-and-Paste Code which you could place on as many Web Pages as you like.

5.) Your Videos will be published using Cutting Edge Streaming Technology, which means that even big Videos will be easily Recorded and Published.

6.) You will get total control over how your Video will appear to the Viewer. You can Choose, Multiple Button Sets, Colors, etc.

7.) You could Record Your Videos through Multiple Sessions, i.e. ou can append a New Recording with a Previously Recorded Video.

8.) And Ofcourse, It is absolutely Free of Cost to use The Video Bot. This simply means that the cost of using TVB is included within the price of your standard Robot Reply membership. We were going to actually include this as an entirely separate service, but after long discussions, decided to include this valuable service in the price of our standard membership.

This is another Step in fulfilling our commitment that RobotReply is going to provide you with a Complete Marketing Suite including all the Powerful Features for Present and Future Marketing.

Many Payment Options - Just Added 05/01/2021!! We've added Many Different ways you can pay for your Robot Reply service. You can now pay via Paypal, Stormpay, E-Gold, INT Gold, E-Bullion and even PICPAY! Yes PIPS members!! You can pay for your membership using PICPAY! YooHoo PIPS!! There are even quarterly and yearly discount options now available through each of these payment options which you will see once you hit the order page.
Appointment Manager - Just Added 05/13/2021!! to help you keep yourself organized and focused with all your appointments and reminders with ease as well as track important meetings with mail alert mode and also generate reports. Have instant access to your, future broadcasts, official and non-official meetings and schedule information using this feature.
Three brand new Lead Capture Pages - Just Added 05/07/2021!! to collect subscribers and generate interest from prospects to start the process of getting them enthused about your business. The pages are ready-made website pages (fully designed with graphics, etc) that contain a place for the prospects to enter their contact information i.e. (name, telephone number, and email).
One Click Subscriptions - Just Added 05/03/2021!! Now you can add hyperlinks inside your autoresponder letters to create single click subscriptions (to other autoresponders in your account) for your readers. As always it can be done with a click of a mouse, NO tech skills required whatsoever! Once again, hats off to our programming team on this one. We looked at all our competitors and haven't seen one yet that offers this feature.

RSS Feeds - Just Added 01/19/2021!! RSS is the new publishing frenzy starting to surface on the net. With Robot Reply, you can create your own RSS feed. Short for RDF Site Summary or Rich Site Summary, an XML format for syndicating Web content. A Web site that wants to allow other sites to publish some of its content creates an RSS document and registers the document with an RSS publisher. A user that can read RSS-distributed content can use the content on a different site. Syndicated content includes such data as news feeds, events listings, news stories, headlines, project updates, excerpts from discussion forums or even corporate information. A quick flash intro is here

Spell Checker - Just Added 01/19/2021!! The spell checker for your letters now works inside the edit letters area.
Live Chat Via Email - Just Added 01/12/2021!! RR is now leading a new revolution. All this while your only way to interact with your subscribers is through Email, but now our Emails have power to let your subscribers chat with you live, right at that moment. Your subscribers don't have to resort to calling you or waiting for your reply as this chat is both instantaneous and live.
Graphs: Status - Just Added 01/12/2021!! Now you can have complete details of your AutoResponders with Numbers of Active, Archived, Bounced, Unsubscription, Double Optin Confirmation, Subscriber Tracking statistics and much more for each and every one of your AutoResponders.
Graphs: Accumulation - Just Added 01/12/2021!! You can now also know that how your AutoResponders have performed over any particular period of time. You could watch Daily, Weekly, Monthly or even Yearly Accumulation in your AutoResponders in Terms of Subscribers, Double Optins, Unsubscriptions, Customers, etc.
Graphs: Comparison - Just Added 01/12/2021!! You could even compare your AutoResponders against each others. This will give you important indicators that which of your AutoResponder is getting the better response between your subscribers.
Graphs: Cumulative - Just Added 01/12/2021!! To assist all this we have cumulative Graphs to show day by day progress of individual AutoResponders and all your AutoResponders together.
Virtual Snapshot of your account everyday which means more stats and better subscription summary - Just Added 01/12/2021!! We are taking Virtual Snapshots of your accounts on daily basis to keep you updated and informed of what is happening in your AutoResponders and your Account as a whole. It means that you don't need to keep track of what was happening to your account say one week before now, because you can watch the statistics for that particular day, week, month or even a year afterwards.
Link Exchange - Just Added 01/12/2021!! Our Fabulous Link Exchange give you an opportunity to have your Link Displayed at itself. All you need to do in exchange is to put our specified Link to your referral account on your page. In effect it is a win-win situation because you will get your site viewed on RobotReply for advertising your own referral link too.
Feature Request - Just Added 01/12/2021!! In our continuous effort to make RobotReply more suitable for your needs we have started this feature where you can register and vote for the features you want to be added to RobotReply. Top rated features will be taken up by our technical department on priority basis and added as the need arises. This will GUARANTEE all useful features will be added and that you will only have the most robust system to suit your needs!
Individual Header/Footer for each AR - Just Added 01/12/2021!! Now, you can have individual Headers and Footers for each and everyone of your AutoResponders. This means much more control over the display of your letters, and now you can keep specific Headers and Footers directly relating to each AutoResponder.
More control over personalization tags: replacement of missing tags - Just Added 01/12/2021!! This New feature will automatically replace the Missing tags from your letter to any particular text specified by you. For example, if the First Name of one of your prospect is missing, then you could automatically replace it by a specific text like ‘Friend’ in your letter.
Time Tags - Just Added 01/12/2021!! Now you can also put time related tags in your letters. For example if you want to show a date two days after the date of sending your letter on say 15th of January, then our time tags will automatically convert it to 17th of January in your letter.
Bulk removal Via List - Just Added 01/12/2021!! You can now remove your prospects by simply using an Email List, and all your subscribers present in your list will automatically be removed. Just copy and paste the prospects you want removed in the box and click remove and it's a done deal!
Recovery of Archived Leads From Deleted Autoresponders - Just Added 01/12/2021!! If you have ever deleted one of your AutoResponders with some of your leads still present in it, then you could use this new feature to recover leads from those deleted autoresponders. This feature was in HIGH DEMAND.. And we included it for our valued customers.
Double Opt-In Confirmations - Just Added 01/12/2021!! Now, you can optionally send a double optin confirmation letter to your leads to reconfirm there participation in your Email programs. Statistics shows a much better result is generally obtained by asking for an additional confirmation to your leads. Specially such leads are known to have much lesser unsubscription rates in comparison.
Unlimited Cleaning Letters - Just Added 01/12/2021!! You could create unlimited cleaning letters of your own or choose from our preloaded cleaning letter for double optin confirmation of your leads. It gives you much more power and flexibility and have much better results then a single generic cleaning letter.
More Owner Tags / Custom Fields - Just Added 01/12/2021!! Now you can have as many as 10 custom fields of your own instead of only 5 previously available. It means that now you could give much more customized looks to your signup Forms and also you could use all these custom fields as tags in your AutoResponder letters.
Prospect to Customer Tracking - Just Added 01/12/2021!! You know have option to track the links you have added to your letters. When ever any one of your subscriber will click on it, his/her status will be automatically be upgraded to customer. In this way you could track your subscribers which are interested in your products much easier and hence follow up with them much easier.
Broadcast Summary Notifications - Just Added 01/12/2021!! Now you have option to activate an Automatic Broadcast Summary Notification for each of your broadcasts. As soon as your broadcast are delivered this automatic notification system will send a confirmation mail to you signifying the delivery of your mails.
Updated Spam Indexing Software for Better Delivery Rates - Just Added 01/12/2021!! We have installed updated SPAM filtering software which is much more customized for delivering your mails to all major mail servers. This software is updated according to the new norms set by all major Mail Servers and will guarantee a more reliable delivery to these Mail Servers.
Multiple Unsubscription Options for Subscribers - Just Added 01/12/2021!! Now subscribers will have a variety of methods at their disposal that they can use to remove themselves from all your autoresponder mailing lists.
Bulk Upload Feature - This will allow you to directly paste all your letters into an autoresponder or upload several letters at once into an autoresponder. This will help you or your teams move from another AR company quickly, painlessly and seamlessly ;)
Subscriber Transport Feature - You can now move subscribers based on State or Email Address/Domain from one autoresponder to another. Lets say you want to email only members from one city, or whose first name is Mike, or only email addresses that originate from specific domains such as from hotmail, msn or your favorite powerline system. You can even move them based on the member response to their custom 10 signup fields. This new option is available in the subscribers menu of our system. .
Referral Hot Copy Option - Here is another one of the features we just added. Its in the autoresponder properties as "Copy this autoresponder to referral accounts?". What this enables is it copies your AR follow-ups (whose property is being viewed) into the referral accounts (as a replica) IN REAL TIME when the signup occurs. To prevent misuse, sponsors can only enable this for 'X' number of autoresponders (currently defaults to one but you can add as many as you like). This feature should prove useful in giving you motivation to get more signups ;)
Subscription History Details for Current Leads - The subscription history for each prospect now adds a lot more details. Example: Search [email protected] by email in search subscribers. When you find this subscriber, click the "View..." Link in front of the name. Now from here click the subscription history. You will not only get the history, but you will also get the date and time on which the next letter will be delivered to this prospect.

See the subscribers stats in power tools. It shows the # of prospects in the autoresponder by message seq.. like 10 prospects on letter #1, 20 at #2, etc..
Autoresponder Linking Feature - From the Autoresponder Properties, you can now link your autoresponders. Example: Lets say Bob has two different Autoresponder Follow-up series he is using to promote his products. The first one is his "Robot Reply Introduction Autoresponder" and a second follow-up series he created is called "Make Huge Money Online".

Bob can go in his back office and very easily link his "Robot Reply Introduction Autoresponder" follow-up series to his "Make Huge Money Online" autoresponder series. Now when Bob's prospects get through the "Robot Reply Introduction Autoresponder" follow-up series they will be AUTOMATICALLY "linked" and start receiving automatic follow-ups from the "Make Huge Money Online" series without any intervention on Bob's part. This is a VERY powerful feature many people asked for.


1. Unlimited Autoresponders - Create as many autoresponders as you like. This will allow you to have all the autoresponders you need to promote each program and develop multiple income streams for yourself.
2. Unlimited Follow-ups Per Autoresponder - Queue Unlimited Broadcast Messages at once that can go out daily (or at fixed intervals) to your subscribers as if you're doing them daily. You can even schedule your own Ezine to go out automatically once per week for example.
3. Shared Autoresponders - Share your Text or HTML Follow-ups with your downline or business associates or affiliate members. With just a click of a button, your downline members can "grab" your follow-up series!
4. Open Rate Calculation - Find out exactly how many people are actually opening your emails every time you send out a message. This feature is great for giving you inside info on which emails are pulling for you and which ones you might want to take a second look at.
5. Targeted Send Times - With our system you can specify your Autoresponder send times down to the hour. Specify exactly when you want your responders to be sent -- right down to the month, week, day, and hour.. YES, TO THE HOUR!! This feature could even act as a "reminder system", letting you inform your downline about that conference call or reminding prospects to get on a call at such and such hour. A very powerful marketing feature.
6. Ad Tracking / URL Rotator - Now not only can you track all your campaigns with ease, you can also run co-ops with your downline. With our system you can setup unlimited Ad Tracking campaigns and co-ops with a couple very easy steps. Our URL Rotation Software equally distributes unique clicks among members according to how many co-op slots they purchased. Of course if you just want to use this tool to decide how much traffic you delegate to each of your team members you can do this as well. This software assigns "weights" to people who purchase more co-op slots. For example, if Joe ordered 3 co-op slots and Jane ordered 5, as the software cycles through all the URL's each time, Joe will get 3 unique clicks and Jane will get five clicks per cycle. So this software cycles through all the URL's of all the members in the co-op. Whether you decide to take payments or not would be a separate issue and is totally up to you. With our software you can structure the co-op virtually anyway you want by adjusting the weights and entering as many URL's as you want. This feature is in our Power Tools Section.

How is this so effective? Lets say you wanna place an expensive Ezine ad for $700.00. You might not wanna incur that cost yourself.. It would be too much of a financial hit. But what if 14 of your downline members chipped in $50.00? All of a sudden placing that out of budget ad very quickly becomes a reality! All you do is "plug their URL's" into your URL rotator in your back office and start driving traffic to them all. Yes! You CAN setup UNLIMITED co-ops as well. As people realize the true value of this feature many, many more people will be using this more often. With a URL Rotator, you can take an uplines advertising experience and explode your campaigns even if everyone in your downline has ZERO advertising experience. This is probably in our opinion the best way to build massive downline volume the quickest.. Especially if placing targeted Ezine ads. Find out how much targeted traffic you are delivering to each of your promotions. This can earn you unlimited income.
7. Web Forms - Collect virtually any type of prospect data you want by creating Web Forms. You can plug in certain Predefined fields and create up to Seven of your own. Whether you're collecting information for a survey or are generating Real Estate leads, we have you covered.
8. Built In WYSIWYG Editor - This feature is great because it allows you to create HTML emails without you having to know even one line of HTML. This feature was very highly requested and added on popular demand. A lot of people want to send out glitzy HTML but just can't code it. Now your dreams of sending HTML emails have come true.
9. Robotic Mail Man™ - Keep your emails out of Interent Wasteland. Are you concerned about your messages being blocked by ISP Spam filters? Well concern yourself no more. Our patent pending system keeps up on the latest blockages and updates automatically. Our system will give each outgoing email a score, and if you fail, we will tell you exactly why and you can correct the word or phrase that's blocking your email from going out. Robotic Mail Man™ virtually guarantees 100% delivery.
10. Premade Templates - Choose from a variety of high powered premade templates you can just "drop-in" to your autoresponders.
11. Flash Tutorials - Please DO NOT mistake our videos for those blurry ones you can barely see. Our cutting edge programmers put out crystal clear instructional videos that will teach you every aspect of using our system. In fact, it's so simple to use even an Eight Year Old can use it!
12. Full Personalization - We have owner based and subscriber based personalization variables ready for you to use. You can even create your own personalization variables.
13. Opt-In Lightning Pop-Ups - Automatically generate Opt-In Lightning Pop-Ups to Increase subscription rates. Those are those cute little gray boxes that pop-up all over the Internet when you visit websites. These will work with any of the unlimited autoresponders you choose to setup.
14. Standard Subscribe Boxes - In addition to Opt-In Lightning Pop-Ups, you can generate Standard Subscribe Boxes on-the-fly. These will work with any of the unlimited autoresponders you choose to setup.
15. 200 Double Opt-In Leads - All profit producing leads are less than 24 hours old delivered right into the autoresponder of your choice each month just for being a member of RobotReply.
16. Robo Purge™ - Basically Robo Purge™ will be a huge advantage to you. It differs from our "export" feature. When someone exports leads, they simply make a copy of their leads from our server to their hard drive. An export feature is standard in any half way decent autoresponder service. However, when you use our Robo Purge™ feature, you can actually dump all or part of your prospects so you can import fresh ones. In fact, it came as a total shock to us that no other autoresponder service offered this. You're allowed to purge your responders once per week and you can purge all your old prospects and replace them with fresh ones!
17. Email Cleaning Letters - These professional letters are the same ones used by a very savvy marketer. They are constructed from the assumption that you will stay on the list unless you want off. In other words, in short, thank you for staying on our list. If you want off the unsubscribe link is listed below. This is much better than any Double Opt-In Process while at the same time providing validation that your list really wants to receive your future offers in due course :-)
18. Lead Capture Pages - Many of us know what these are. Basically these act as a "buffer" page. Before you hit the main site, you take someone to a Lead Capture page to collect certain data like their Name and Email address. After they fill in this info the prospect will get automatically redirected to the site of your choice, whether it be an affiliate site or a site promoting your own products and services, and you will receive this data via email. This is a way to avoid Spam complaints from your favorite affiliate programs you're promoting. No editing needs to be made. You can download these and upload these to the server of your choice or you can run them on our server (just please don't spam our servers). This feature alone is in very high demand and could easily pay your membership fees back.

19. Highest rate Of email delivery. - We have built in several of the most advanced, cutting-edge features setup to guarantee that all your messages will get through every time.
20. Collect Unlimited Data - Save any length of information about each new subscriber - just by clicking two buttons.
21. Write or Pre-Load Unlimited Messages - Write your own or pre-load messages from great marketing professionals into your autoresponders.
22. Individual Spam Protection - Never be wrongly accused of spamming again as our system automatically logs IP addresses and subscription details no matter how the subscription was generated.
23. Automated List Cleaning - Manage and reduce your "bounce emails" - our system automatically cleans your list.
24. No Double Opt-Ins Required. - This means that prospects only have to Opt-In ONCE.
25. Dodge Catastrophic Situations - Avoid the viruses, freezes, and power outages that off-the-shelf software will leave you vulnerable to with your PC left on 24 hours per day!
26. Send Test Messages to Multiple Accounts - Send yourself "test" messages at multiple "test accounts" -- automatically. Always be 100% certain that your messages do NOT contain embarrassing mistakes!
27. Sends Emails in Universal Format - No worry about sending the email in more than one format. Our intelligent system automatically analyzes your emails and sends them in a universal compatible format! The emails go out in combined HTML, TEXT and AOL format that everyone can read without you ever worrying once how its being done.
28. Automated Remove Processing - Process your "subscribes" and "unsubscribes" in real-time - automatically.
29. Support MULTIPLE Sequential Responder Series - This includes series for subscribers, new customers, survey participants, affiliates, and whatever else you need!
30. Automatically Subscribe Prospects - "Subscribe" people to your responder series automatically! Multiple Subscribe Methods per autoresponder so It can be done in almost anyway thinkable.. import, via form, by emailing.
31. User-friendly Throughout - Our entire system is VERY easy to use.. no experience required.. Everything is wizard based with videos to demonstrate each and every step.
32. Flag Invalid Emails - Automatically have invalid email addresses flagged.
33. Send Solo Mailings - Send each email as a "solo" message... When you email a group list, many ISPs will automatically mistake your email for spam, and filter it before it's ever received! That's why it's so important to send each message as a "solo" email, keeping your opt-in subscribers (and their ISPs) from seeing that you mailed a group.
34. Black List Feature - Blacklist subscribers by name, email or domain.
35. Full Featured Imports - Import your existing opt-in list via file or copy/paste... Our system can virtually accept just about any format of data. Our import feature was carefully built based on input by very experienced marketers.
36. Full Featured Exports - Export / Backup all your database or by groups. Our export feature was carefully built based on input by very experienced marketers.
37. Targeted Subscriber Searches - Do targeted searches of your subscriber list to operate on a group.
38. Preview Messages - Preview your messages in the autoresponder to get a feel of how they will look.
39. Send Customized Emails - Send highly customized emails, merged with personal subscriber information and your details in the message and subject. You can even create your own variables.
40. Automatic Date Merge - Merge the current date into every email.
41. Unlimited Message Length & Updates - We don't limit you to a few paragraphs, and we don't limit the number of changes you can make to your messages. If you want to send just a single sentence, or a 5 page sales letter, our system has you covered.
42. Complete Subscriber Statistics - Know exactly where your prospects came from, how they subscribed to your list, and when they subscribed.
43. Inbuilt Ad / Link Tracker - This will track how much your ads are worth. This software is built in to your control panel so you can track your ads. This feature alone can cost you $20.00 or more per month, and it's included for FREE.
44. Demographic Data Collection - You can add up to 9 custom signup fields that can be used to categorize subscribers or gather custom information about them.
45. Mail Merge Values - Our mail merge values is a major convenience feature that can save you tons of time. Let's say that you set up a follow-up series that contains 30 messages, each of which contains your email address, website address, and phone number. What happens if you move? Change websites? Change email addresses? ... No Problem! If you're using our mail merge values you make one simple change and it is reflected in all your autoresponder accounts, all 30 of your follow-ups, and even pending broadcasts!
46. Redirect URL - When this is set, prospects are taken there after they sign-up. You can also create a Custom Thank You page which we'll host for you for free.


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