Presented by Bob Williams Brian Garvin!

What's our "winning team" here at Robot Reply saying?

Robot Reply isn't some "fly-by-night" quick buck opportunity. As you will witness below.. it's the fastest growing cutting edge, MOST USEFUL automated marketing system today used by Professional Marketers, Magicians, Photographers, School Teachers, Health Professionals, Grand Dads and any and every other profession so our target market is ANYONE with ANY business, on-line OR off-line that simply want to keep in touch with their prospects automatically.

Hundreds of Millions of people running every kind of business imaginable would earn a lot more if they simply used our cutting-edge tools. We're EXTREMELY PROUD of our Winning Team!!

Hi Brian and Bob,

It's Oddvin here. I know you guys are very busy these days and I'm pretty sure that means even more good news for me... :-))

As I'm running a membership website that receives thousands of unique visitors everyday, I feel deeply responsible for what tools and resources I recommend to my members and partners.

In order for our group to make any successful growth, we need to be able to reach as many leads and prospects as possible across the net all the time. In today's autoresponder market of existing and well known autoresponder companies, that really has turned out to be a hard and almost impossible challenge, as most companies out there simply don't deliver what they say, apart from charging their monthly fees.

It is ridiculous how the [email protected] spams have scared most autoresponder companies into watchdogs instead of delivering the service they are supposed to do. They are simply not delivering the goods.

So, if you're looking for a complete marketing system where YOU are in charge, (and not your autoresponder company), don't waste your time to look any further. RobotReply has it ALL - and a WHOLE LOT MORE!

Brian, little did I know, (or at least I didn't notice at first), that I also could earn free leads by referring others. And I can tell you, promoting RobotReply is about the easiest thing I've ever done! Yes, you know it. You have to go shopping for that Laptop I just won from you guys! :-))

Now I enjoy several thousand EXTRA FREE leads every month and it has for sure made a HUGE difference to my results of building our groups downlines in several programs. This is fun!

Thanks a bunch, you guys rock!

Oddvin "widesurf" Nesheim - Norway
Madison Dynamics Gold Level iAssociate
TrafficOasis Presidential Member
JUVIO Gold Rank Associate

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Hello Brian, Bob and Fellow Marketers,

It's Roger here from Norway, the second LapTop Winner :-)

I have been working as an Internet Marketer for some years, and my preferred method of marketing has always been LEADS, LEADS and more LEADS.

During this journey in the jungle of lead providers and auto-responder providers (and I have tested almost all of them), I have never seen a better service than ROBOT REPLY.

We have many heavy hitter marketers here in Scandinavia, good marketers who demand QUALITY.. and guess where most of them are now? Of course, HERE AT ROBOT REPLY!

Just take a look at the testimonials, packed with Scandinavians Marketers :-)

Hello Oddvin, two norwegians each win a laptop...huh? I guess we know where to find quality :-))

I have now moved all my campaigns over to ROBOTREPLY, and feel completely comfortable and satisfied with this great service.

At ROBOTREPLY I have EVERYTHING at one place, and I get PURE QUALITY for the money.. ehh.. actually I am not paying anything at all, I get everything totally for FREE :-)

So can you, just refer THREE personal paying members, and you get this amazing system 100% FREE.. NO STRINGS.. AMAZING!

ROBOTREPLY is the absolute easiest program to promote..

NO ONE can say NO to this system, as everyone needs it!

This is a NO BRAINER!

Why pay for leads and tools elsewhere, when you can get TOP QUALITY for FREE at RobotReply!

Just within 2 - 3 weeks I managed to bring in over 100 personal Robot Reply members. Of course I did some promoting efforts to bring in these members, but the main reason I signed up, and my members signed up, is ROBOT REPLY itself. It's impossible to not see the great benefits of this system.

I now recieve SEVERAL THOUSAND FREE Robot Reply leads each month. And these are bonus leads earned in just a few weeks referring around 100 personal members. Imagine all the leads I will receive after promoting RobotReply for a whole year.. OH BOY :-)

You can do it too, just sign up for your Robot Reply system, introduce your contacts and downlines, and start collecting those FREE quality leads :-)

Thanks a lot, Brian and Bob!!

Roger "premium" Mauseth - Norway

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Hi, My name is Mikael Gustavsson. I am 38 years young, and live in the beautiful country called Sweden.

I am a member in a team called TrimDreamTeam and a proud member of Trim International. I use Robot Reply leads with great success, to build my Trim business.

A big part of my success is due to my mentor, Brian Garvin, and the way he approached network marketing, and the way he teaches others to do the same.

I started advertising replicated web-sites like every newbie does, but soon realized I was only building some one else's list, and business, rather than my own.

Brian taught me, the only way I would be successful in Network Marketing was to build my own list. Ultimately your success will be determined by what you send these people, but the first step is to LEARN to BUILD "YOUR" OWN LIST.

If you want to skip years of frustration and wheel spinning with your networking business, subscribe for More Information from Robot Reply NOW! NO OBLIGATION!

Keep Going & Keep Growing
Mikael "migu" Gustavsson - Sweden

Mikael "migu" Gustavsson - Sweden

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Hi Fellow Marketing Friend,

This is Andreas Dahl, Internet Marketer from Norway.

Great opportunities are few and far between, but with Robot reply, your results can really shift into high gear.

Robot reply has been very beneficial to my business, and with their great leads, great features and responsive customer support, Robot Reply has given my business the momentum it deserves.

Imagine, getting rewarded with prospects, you can promote your business to, all for giving away their automated marketing system. I love this company!

Thank you Robot Reply, for a great service.

Here is to a prosperous 2004, and beyond!

All the best.

Andreas "bestbiz" Dahl - Norway

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Hello. Mike Blacktopp here, Team Leader: Simple Stepping Stones.

The people who know me know I've got a favorite saying:


Translated it means, 'good things take time'. You've got to work, put your foundations in place, make sure they're strong, before you build your business. Otherwise the whole thing will collapse and you'll be left looking at a bunch of good ideas, half completed projects and hordes of disappointed angry people all wanting to take a chunk out of you for leading them up the garden path. Horrible. And yet it happens: people's high-rise dreams reduced to rubble and dust.

My watchwords have always been: integrity, honesty and ethics. I'm not interested in 'fast bucks'. I want people to trust me, trust the decisions and suggestions I make. I want them to feel safe and I want them as part my organizational family not just for a quick cheap flying visit, but for life. And what I want for others, I also want for myself. 'Do unto others as you would have them do to you.'

But we all know the bottom line. You can have the best intentions in the world, the wisest mind, the most thorough planning, the greatest of products, wonderful people working alongside you and it all amounts to zip if nobody's looking, listening or buying.

Enter Robotreply! I've been really impressed and that's not easy to do. I've been around the net too long for that. But Brian and Bob have delivered everything they said they would and more. Their communication and support are great. It seems 'Rome' is in for a building boom! Just as well we're ready. Robotreply is a direct link motorway streaming targeted traffic right into its heart.


Mike Blacktopp Team Leader at which is a TEAM working to improve the future of disabled people AND all people on a low income throughout the world.


P.S. You can join it now and have others below you, or you can wait and join later when they are above you. When you know of the full range of products we will offer, you will know why people are flocking to join.

Mike "sss" Blacktopp
Anne "sss2" Blacktopp
United Kingdom

Simple Stepping Stones is part of the BLACKTOP CHINA COLLECTIBLES GROUP
71 Soberton Road, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 2EB, United Kingdom
Telephone +44(0)2392 711687
E-mail : [email protected]

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Hi, Kimberly Inman here. I ran into Brian back when I first started marketing online in 2000. If fact my first purchase was from him, a CD with Reprint Right reports on it.

So... my experience with him told me to go check out immediately after he recommended it to me. Wow, thanks again! This is a totally awesome program and I am using the Pop-Up subscriber feature on my new site at

Why I actually believe you'll see me on the leader board soon., because all my emails sent through the system are going to have my affiliate link attached in the footer. Wouldn't change a thing!

Kimberly "connections" Inman - Corning, CA.

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Dear Internet Marketer,

We appreciate your Support with RobotReply! And hey, here's something to think about going into 2004! THE #1 REASON ALL INTERNET MARKETERS NEED TO TAKE A SERIOUS LOOK AT REAL NETWORK MARKETING.

What am I really trying to say? Find a Network Marketing company that is Internet Marketing friendly. Start running successful campaigns and then BUILD A DOWNLINE of successful marketers teaching them to duplicate your success. I started out with seven members at RobotReply.. But got on hold! Sometimes you have to get out of the forest to see the trees. Really, I didn't see the REAL value until three days ago when a marketing friend and upline in our current program contacted me and explained what can really happen if we implement RobotReply to our program.

Well, as I always listen closely to what he has to say.. it FINALLY hit me! Suddenly ALL he said did run through my head: This affiliate program will allow you to earn unlimited top quality exclusive, double opt-in leads by referring others to our cutting-edge system. What does this mean to you? You get top quality, exclusive leads at pennies on the dollar you simply CAN'T get anywhere else, no matter WHAT people claim. This is THE program!! Thanks.

RobotReply, I am back and here to stay!

Best Wishes,

Lars-Johan "lars-johan" Andersson - Sweden

Networking Professional and all round good guy.
"Helping marketers successfully since 1997 and still do"

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Hello my name is Dustin Buysee, CEO of When looking for a marketing system for my company, I quickly realized that RobotReply was the best, most complete system out there! If you're looking for the most advanced, yet easy to use, autoresponder, look no further!

This system is the best out there, with a 75,000 lead import limit and 200 leads all for only 29.95 I knew this system was what I wanted my members to have access to. Then to top it all off this company is ran by the internet super affilate Brian Garvin. Not only is Brian Garvin one of the internets finest affiliates but also one of it's greatest pioneers bringing us the tools to help us all succeed.

I believe RobotReply will be a crucial tool in helping LowCarbSuperBooster hit the internet like a tidal wave. So once again Thank you Brian Garvin and Bob Williams on this magnificent system.

Dustin "lowcarbsuperbooster" Buysse - Cottonwood, MN.

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WOW !! What a **Time Saving** System! And my *Time* is everything to me. There just never seem to be enough hours in a day. RobotReply FREES me up by being my 24/7 Personal Secretary!

RobotReply keeps me Personally in Touch with All my clients and being a Master Photographer and owning a Studio/Gallery for over 25 years I have tons of Prospective Models and a Client base of many 100's to keep informed.

Robot Reply Faithfully DELIVERS my messages … and routes Answers to Questions. Yes, RobotReply sets me Free to do what I love ... Creating Portraits & making people Look & Feel their very best!

P.S. RobotReply's customer support is First Class, and the Leads are Responsive, Fresh and Clean!! Plain & Simple Robot Reply is an Income & Business building weapon I wouldn't be without!!

EJ "ej" Morris - Erie, PA.

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Greetings From Sunny Phoenix Arizona!

Hi, my name is Zack Evans. I've been marketing on the Internet for several years and I'm always seeking new and better methods to promote my business interests.

I carefully read all the information on the Robot Reply Affiliate Website and was thrilled to learn that they did not require the dreaded 'double opt-in' process when I uploaded and used my own email lead lists, as long as I included an IP address and a Time & Date Stamp for each person on my lists. Typically, most autoresponse systems require the 'double opt-in' process, which is, for sure, a marketing campaign-killer!

Another Robot Reply feature that is VERY useful is the 'Open Rate Calculation' option, which allows me to see just who opens my email ads/messages, how many times they've opened my messages, the date it was opened AND pertinent information reagrding the person that opened my email ad. This feature TELLS me just what email ads are 'pulling' and which one that are not!

Furthermore, and this is "HUGE".. I'm averaging ONE OR MORE SIGNUPS PER DAY for the business opportuinty that I'm currently advertising using my Robot Reply autoresponse system!!! Before using Robot Reply, I'd be doing back flips if I achieved two to six signups per month using one of my old autoresponse programs.

I could go on and on relating to you all the 'goodies' that are included with your membership in the Robot Reply program, however, I will say this about their TECH SUPPORT. I encountered a minor issue as I was setting up my first autoresponder campaign, so I typed out the description to my little problem and sent it off to the Robot Reply support group and within just a few hours, my issue was fixed and they even thanked me for pointing it out so it could be taken care of. These days, you're lucky if you can even get a response from most tech support people and sometimes it can take up to several days before they respond, if at all.

By simply referring a few people to Robot Reply, your monthly leads will be free, so, why would you not become a member? If you have even a remote clue about marketing on the 'Net, you NEED Robot Reply.. period!


You say you want exposure for your business?? Okay, I'll spell it out for you.. given the fact that you can upload as many as 75,000 email leads, and given the fact that as a member of Robot Reply, you can deliver THREE broadcast blasts to your entire list each week, you can achieve a total of 225,000 email ad exposures each week.. and.. 900,000 email ad exposures in just four weeks.. and.. a total of 3,900,000 (three point nine million) ad exposures for your business in one year just from individual broadcast blasts!!

Combine the aforementioned broadcast blasts with your regular autoresponse email ad exposures (for example, if you set your autoresponder to deliver an email ad every other day) to your entire list, you can add yet another 13,650,000 email ad exposures for your business in just one year...for a total of 17,550,000 email ad exposures!


Now, considering the fact that you can set up as many autoresponse campaigns as you want, with as many followup emails as you want, THEN, add all this to your above-described broadcast blast totals and the numbers become truly mind-boggling! Just think, your email ads delivered in the MULTI-MILLIONS!! Frankly, you could write and send out totally dumb email ads, miss spelling words and such, and your business will still grow and grow and you can have a successful business due to the massive exposure you can create with Robot Reply!

Now finally.. and please follow me here.. add the concept I just explained above and calculate the results using 100 downline members on your team doing the same thing.

I've only used Robot Reply for a short time and, like I stated previously, I am achieving ONE OR MORE SIGNUPS PER DAY and I've ony uploaded a fraction of the 75,000 leads that I'm allowed. In just the last 8 days, I've had a total of 14 signups for my business opportunity.. I CAN'T WAIT to finish uploading my other lists so I can start my broadcast blast campaigns AND set up additional autoresponse campaigns for my other business interests.


If you don't think Robot Reply will help your business(es), then you should find somethin' else to do!

"Wishing YOU Wealth & Wellness"

Zack "zeel" Evans - Phoenix, AZ.

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Back in 1999, I would roll out of bed each and everyday and brace myself for another day on the job. Something was missing, I was searching for something else to do.. something to assist me with the pursuit of my dream of being financially independent. Eventually, I stumbled across Network Marketing or MLM as most call it and have not looked back. Of course in the beginning, I had no idea of what I was doing, but through trial and error and eventually some excellent coaching I learned. And of course I still roll out of bed each morning, but it is with a new outlook! I earn money and I am having lots of fun working from the comfort of my own home.

Currently I am participating in various programs, however, two of them are very beneficial in the pursuit of my dream. VMDirect and Robot Reply. I have been an affiliate with VMDirect coming up on a year and this opportunity is truly amazing! The product (Video Email) and it's technology caught my eye immediately and has been very rewarding and fun. Robot Reply and the incredible Marketing System is relatively new, but the concept is amazing! You would be truly amazed at how well your business will grow with this system. The autoresponder and leads generated from the system will blow your mind away! The potential here is greater than I imagined. I wish I had signed up for it when it was first introduced to me late last year. I am integrating the two systems/technologies in order to reach even more prospects and customers.

In closing, I will say this: To be successful in Network Marketing/MLM; You must "Buy the program (whatever it may be), do it slowly the way I do, little by little. Have faith and stand behind the program and/or product. Do a lot of networking, contact your leads, have patience, and in the end your phones will start to ring and you too will be successful and potentially make some great money". To your success!

Frank "access-success" McMillon - Stockbridge, GA.

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Hello. Let me introduce myself. My name is Clinton Herriott. I've always held more stock in a person's recommendation on an important matter, such as success in business, if I knew the one giving the recommendation. So, hopefully you will become familiar enough with me to trust what I have to say about ROBOT REPLY. Some call me Clint, which is OK by me, since "Clint Eastwood" is one of my ALL-TIME favorites!! Others call me formally, Clinton. But, most call me by my middle name, J.M. That's right, JUST two letters. Before you ask, no, they don't stand for anything.

I am here today to briefly tell my story as it relates to ROBOT REPLY. First, I have to say that I'm not in full-time Internet Business, YET. However, if the future is anything like the past week since I've been associated with ROBOT REPLY, I will be full-time in a few short months!! I teach high school mathematics and science by day and have been trying to setup an Internet Business by night. Needless to say things have been VERY slow going. Then, this past week I happened across ROBOT REPLY. And things have been happening great since!

After checking them out I decided to join and see for myself if their claims were even a fraction as good as they appeared. Well, to my GREAT joy, and tremendous satisfaction their claims don't say enough!!! Since joining up with ROBOT REPLY, the number of hits to my start-up site,, has gone from nearly zero to well over 1000+ hits EACH DAY!! That may not be the kind of numbers some of you "veterans" receive, but for me that is FANTASTIC!!! I have had that site up for nearly one month, and have had five hundred TIMES the traffic since joining ROBOT REPLY, and following their program than I had the first three weeks of being up!!!!

I can't really find the right words to express my gratitude to Bob Williams, Brian Garvin, Sanchit Bhatnager, and Brenda Campbell of ROBOT REPLY and the help they have given me. I no longer wonder or worry about the future. With a company like ROBOT REPLY anyone, "LOOK AT ME!" can be successful. They provide the tools needed to succeed, they help with setting up, and vital for "newbies" like me, they TEACH (something I know) HOW to conduct a successful business. But, ROBOT REPLY doesn't stop there!

They even have HOT OPTIN LEADS!!!!

So, what else is there? They TELL you what is needed, PROVIDE what you need, and to me most importantly, they TEACH you how to DO IT!! I am so excited about my relationship with ROBOT REPLY and have such great confidence in them that I am kicking off a campaign this week dedicated to telling everyone I can, both on and offline about ROBOT REPLY. I am SURE of the success of this campaign and the many sales it will bring. But, even more important to me, I feel excited and GOOD to know that I can HELP others as I've been helped by introducing them to ROBOT REPLY!!!

Thank you for letting me twist your eyes! :-) Forgive me for paraphrasing that old "bending your ear" cliché'. But, when I was asked to give a brief outline of what ROBOT REPLY has done for me, I couldn't say no! They CAN and WILL do the same for YOU! Here's to your continuing success!!

Warmly... JM...

Clint "jmherriott" Herriott - Cord, AR.

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I have used Robot Reply to help build my hypnosis business as well as my network marketing business. It has allowed me to communicate with prospects and customers in such a way as to leverage my time and myself over a thousand fold. The benefits that I saw when I was shown this opportunity were that it had no risk, provided great training and support. Now, I was smart enough to test drive this opportunity - And I learned that there was nothing else like it out there.

Robot Reply has helped me generate the income from my network marketing business that has allowed me put a down payment on a new home, pay for a new car, and pay off all my credit card debt. And it has allowed me to devote my time to being "The World's Greatest Hypnotist."

Dave "davehill" Hill - Hayward, CA.

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We have been in Network Marketing for 12 years. We have used just about every auto-responder on the market. Robotreply is the most user friendly system we have used to date. The tutorials walk you through every step. We are sharing this with as many networkers that we can. With ongoing promotions like the $1.00 trial, you cannot lose.

On top of this is the fresh leads we receive every month. Many auto-responders make it tough on you which leads you can use. With Robotreply, the leads are included; you can buy more anytime and if you refer others to Robotreply...

You get free leads!

We use our auto-responder to contact new prospects, train distributors, and produce an ezine. The Robotreply system makes an effortless machine working for us night and day contacting prospects and sending out information as soon as they opt-in. The hours and hours we have saved with Robotreply has been worth every penny. Can you afford to be without this system? Not if your serious about making money!

Mark and Jackie "cashpost" Potes - Hudson, MI.

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Hi, Fellow Net Martketers!

My name is Clive Joseph, and I am reaching out to you from Greenford, West London, England. Although I'm a relative 'Newbie' to Internet Marketing it didn't take me long to see the potential in using Robot Reply to help build my primary international health business. My goal is to tell as many people as I can about the amazing health benefits of drinking Tahitian Noni(R) Juice, and Robot Reply for me is the ideal vehicle to do this.

Every successful NetMarketer agrees that 'the money is in the list' and Robot Reply not only provides the best Autoresponder currently available, but also supplies me with top quality leads every month! Totally awesome. Thank you so much guys, you have really over-delivered with this product.

Don't waste time. Take advantage of the amazing $1.00 trial offer while it's still available, and invest in your success!

Best Regards..

Clive "clivej4jc" Joseph - United Kingdom

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Hello Everyone! My Name is Leighton Thetford. I have been using Robot Reply for several months now and would like to share my experience with the product and the marketing legends behind Robot Reply. Click on my picture to view a Video Testimony or just click here.

Leighton "selfemployed" Thetford - Frisco, TX.

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Hey Friend!

If you are reading my testimonial you are in for a lucky stay here!

The Robot Reply concept is unique! It offers State-Of-The-Art Marketing Tools PLUS Pre Qualified Leads, I call it "The All In One Solution". Every month, I get my Free Leads by just referring this Incredible program to other Internet Marketers, AND it's easy and productive, believe me! As my Robot Reply team grows my sales grow to!

Javier "opt-inleads" Salces - Spain

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Greetings to my Fellow Networkers!

My name is Denis Inskip and I live in Borken, Westfalia, Germany. I am one of the Original LifetimePLUS Founder and Senior Partner Team Members (# 15672) of Gary Shawkey's International GSI/Vartec Alliance, on which Brian (President & Head of Marketing at RobotReply), has also had a Major Influence, as it continues to go from Strength to Strength!

Now he's "Done it Again" with yet another Winning Team at RobotReply! What a pleasure to have access to this Unique Automatic Marketing System (AMS), designed by none other than The Master Marketing Guru himself!

Right now, I am using RobotReply to build My Own List in parallel with my MatrixEmailMarketing List (# 19685000), which is also Totally Unique! Simply by promoting MEM to other Internet Marketers, like yourself, with the Amazing RobotReply AMS, my Own List of Interested Networkers just Grows and Grows!

Let's go Onwards and Upwards together, with THE Winning Team! I'm proud to be associated with

Denis "denrika" Inskip - Germany

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I am converting a whopping 30% of my leads. The Autoresponder is easy to set up and works like a charm. If this 60 year old Grandpa can do it and profit from it, anyone can do it and profit from it. By the way, that's my Grand Daughter Mary to the right of me.

I am thrilled with the technology. I am able to run 5 online businesses simultaneously and just about completely hands-off! Which gives me a lot of free time to enjoy the grandchildren.

The leads are super high quality and complete with all data. I am able to get up close and personal with my prospects and build that lasting relationship which makes all the difference in maintaining a loyal customer base.

Bob, Brian and the entire Robot Reply staff care enough to do it right! The right technology, the right training the right incentives. It's fun, it works and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Marino "ordermax" Duran - Leander, TX.

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My name is Joop Liefaard and I am a Human Resources manager from The Netherlands and living in Brazil.

I am the owner of Compazz.Com, a company in the field of home business opportunities. I started this business about one year ago. To work with the right tools is essential to being successful on the internet. The competition is fierce and you really have to be very good in the way you market your products to become profitable. An autoresponder is the most important tool for a marketer to reach the audience he needs. And building a list with good prospects to be used in the autoresponder is essential.

I tried many autoresponders, free and paid, but they all were missing something. One didn't allow you to import a list, the other had only a limited number of autoresponders. In my search for the perfect solution I discovered Robot Reply... and it is really the perfect solution for every business on the internet. Unlimited responders, import possibility, spam check, preview .... it is all there. Robot Reply offers this package for a very low price. The leads that come with your membership help you to build a list of responsive members that bring you the profits that you are looking for.

Joop "eagleeye" Liefaard - Brazil

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Hello, my name is Juan Sutton. I reside in Spanish Fork, Utah. I have been a Network Marketer for 3 years now. Until now, I have never used an autoresponder! Once I was introduced to, I immediately joined! What a difference it has made in my business!

I especially like the "Shared Autoresponder" feature. With the assistance of my upline, I was up and running within minutes. Now, I can let the system run on "auto pilot". No manual upkeep! Awesome!

Take your business to the next level with Robot Reply. You will not be disappointed! What do you have to lose?

Massive Success,

Juan "thinkrich" Sutton - Spanish Fork, UT.

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Hi my name is Travis Gautreaux. I found out about Robot Reply from joining a Business online.

I have to say that the creators of Robot Reply have done an excellent job creating a FULLY AUTOMATED Marketing System that is easy to use and perfect for any online business.

I am thrilled to be a member, it's a package deal! I have used the Top Quality Responsive Monthly Leads to promote my business with the RR Autoresponder. It's like having your own Internet Marketing Tool Box!

The support here is outstanding as well! I had a question that I addressed to the support team and got a prompt reply within a few hours! Thank you Robot Reply!

I Highly Recommend this service to everyone!

Travis "teejay205" Gautreaux - New Iberia, LA.

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Hi, my name is Anthony and I'm proud to say that I have the entrepreneurial spirit. If you don't I feel for you. Well any way I just wanted to tell you about my success story. I was born into a poor family in the city of Newark, NJ. My mother raised my brother and I by herself and did a mighty good job considering the situation. I struggled my whole life.

My step father threw me out of the house when I Was 18. I tried to finish college, but did not. To make a long story short, 2 kids, 2 Divorces later, I took a home equity loan to buy a barber shop. I cut hair for 18 years. But something interesting happened. My brother Patrick who failed with me a bunch of times, approached me with this telecom opportunity. I resisted at first, but then I decided to sign up. Now there is hope for me and my family.

How about you? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Would you like to do something about it? Have you ever considered starting your own company? You can be an independent contracter under the umbrella of the largest privately held telecom in the world.

And to make your life easier, why not try Robot Reply's auto responder system, which does all the work for you so that you can spend more time with your family, stress free, traffic free because now you are working from home. How does that grab you? Not to mention that your chances of becoming a millionaire could become a hopeful reality. Here's something to think about. There is only one way to please GOD and that is by faith. And faith is believing in something that you can't see. But if you can think it and visualize it, you can turn that dream into a reality. I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT? Do you?

Anthony "megabucks" Cascio - Bloomfield, NJ.

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Hello my name is Stephanie Moore from New Zealand. I have searched the net for 4 years now aiming to find the perfect work-from-home opportunity for me. I have experienced all the hype, fluff and endless, empty promises hasselling me to join and spend the bucks. What always held me back was the lack of integity and impersonal approaches.

My sponsor in the business I am now invested with recommended me to use Robot Reply for leads with my autoresponder. I am so impressed and thankful to click onto a 1st class company who has every possible area sorted for me with my success and well-being in mind. I will take this opportunity to thank the team at Robot Reply so very much - I have every confidence in you to continue to deliver what you have promised.

Here's to all our success!

Stephanie "1coffeelover" Moore - New Zealand
[email protected]

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Dear Internet Marketers,

My name is Marcus Schroefel, publisher from Germany.

Right now I am promoting my new e-book "Mindclicking As It Is" as well as some other of my online businesses with RobotReply. For sure I've tried a lot of different autoresponder services but when RobotReply entered the market - I knew they would be one of the winners in 2004.

Their state of the art autoresponder technique lets you easily set up as many follow-up-messages as you like.

The dynamic environment of the administration area is designed to let your work just "get into the flow".

And the Automatic Marketing System (AMS) offers an additional high valuable opportunity that lets your business grow.

With RobotReply the future evolution of Internet Marketing has just begun: It will change the way we are doing businesses. "Mindclicking As It Is" will change the way we think.

To All Our Success,

Marcus "digital-opportunity" Schroefel - Germany

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Greetings fellow Networkers & Entrepreneurs,

Robert & Maricar Short here, from beautiful Long Beach California. We have been involved in Network Marketing for 9 years. We have used just about every lead source and auto-responder out there. However, this company has the best of both! RobotReply is top notch! The tutorials walk you through every step and the leads are top of the line. Anyone can learn to use this valuable tool.

Every successful marketer knows that the key to online success is building your own list. Well, RobotReply not only helps you build that list for free, but, also gives you an awesome tool to stay in touch with your prospects. The customer support offered by this incredible company is second to none. You will get you questions answered in a timely manner.

These guys are Pro's!

The affiliate program will allow you to earn unlimited top quality exclusive, double opt-in leads by referring others. Just for joining you get 200 of these quality leads for pennies. These same quality leads cost $2.00 to $3.00 apiece elsewhere. We give RobotReply two thumbs up!

Robert & Maricar "rshort" Short - Long Beach, CA.

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We already had a good list server when Robot Reply came out but we were really wary about leads none the less. We could NOT afford Robot Reply but they promised us that we could import our leads as long as they had the proper items with them, for example: name, email, ip, time stamp etc. would be a positive experience. They also provided us more leads. The fact that our leads would be free if we could only get three was a strong incentive to get a free autoresponder to "feel" more safe online with our leads and we decided we would try to just get our three as soon as we could. To be honest we expected to keep paying. This just seems to be the way it is for most programs online.


We sent a solo ad out to to a service that provides a mass newsletter submission and we got 4 people in almost automatically. We have had complete success with turning Robot Reply into a free system.

We have never seen anything like this in the 7 years we've been online. We also love the interactive set up inside the Autoresponder, a two yr. old could set up an Auto Responder using this, considering all of this buying Robot Reply leads was a no brainer for "poor" us. People love this! And since we are sending out can spam opt-in compliant newsletters recipients adore it because they RECEIVE our messages. We also have safe successful sends with Robot Reply because the RR system follows the online can spam guidelines.

Claire and Anna "incomeboost" Koch - Madisonville, KY.

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Hi, Birgit here.

I have tried many systems before and must say I am thrilled with how Robot Reply helps my business with building my own lists. Just advertise Robot Reply (you'll get all the help as well) and you'll have sign up notices in your email box.

On top you'll receive great leads and the autoresponders are easy to use. The whole system works super. It's really "Network and Internet Marketing" friendly. The Lead Capture Pages and the Ad tracker are a great PLUS and easy to use with your website. Everything you need is in one place and the best thing is, if you refer three, your leads are free and you can earn even more.

The support and the reward system, I love it! Everything you need to give your business a boost.

Birgit "jeps" Jurock - Canada

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Hello Robotreply Team...

My name is Bruce Hughbanks and I just had to take the time to let you know - Your Services have done more for me and my clients then you could ever imagine.

Bob, In order for my company to produce the results that are expected by all our members, Simplicity, Duplication and Fast Results are an absolute must... UNTIL Now we never had an ongoing steady stream of quality leads. This is the biggest hindrance that plagued all of our members that are beginners.

Brian, With the ongoing quality leads pouring in month after month without having to do anything but reap the rewards... not only our advanced members are succeeding, but now even the beginners that have never been introduced to the world of marketing and generating leads are now having the same equal opportunity of success...

And with the GREATEST Feature of all... AUTOMATION, Talk about simplicity and duplication, Your Automated Marketing System, UNMATCHED by anyone, is Absolutely FREE! (Just think others are paying much more and receiving much less then what you are giving us freely! (It's mind boggling)

Also, with your introduction offer of only $1.00 and the opportunity to gain FREE leads by introducing others to your wonderful company is a God send for me and every one of my members... Thank YOU!

Oh' Yes, And I can't leave out your technology and support group... Sanchit and Brenda, and any other that I may not be aware of, the simplicity of the sites navigation is first class, and me and my members greatly appreciate the expedient response and detail that you have given us. When I help my members, I'm able to go in, setup and get out with lightning speed..

You've saved me hours upon hours.

In closing I'd like to say that your services have sky-rocketed my business well beyond any expectations!

Thank you VERY VERY MUCH... Robot Reply Team!

Best of Everything To You and Yours,

Bruce "jeps" Hughbanks - Dallas, TX.

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Hi, I am Randy Hartman and I am 46 years young. Robot Reply was the best thing I've done in years!

I use to belong to another autoresponder, but had trouble with operating their system. I had trouble trying to maintain all those up-dates day in and out. I would set up my autoresponder to find out they were doing updates, which would erase my work! What a waste of time.

With Robot Reply I can run multiple businesses with no problem, the system is very easy to learn, which so many of these other testimonials reinforce. There marketing tools are excellent! An eight year old can run this system. Can you?

Come join the team and be amazed, I was!

Keep up the good work Robot Reply, also to Brian and Bob for all their help!!

Randy "randy" Hartman - Elmgrove, WI.

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Bob Williams
CEO & Founder

"Bob has had an illustrious Marketing Career over the last 12 years. From owning and Operating Insurance Agencies, Venture Capital Companies and Leadership Positions in several Network Marketing Businesses. His hard work and determination has helped build Teams in the Tens of Thousands and catapulted a two man operation into a 19 Million Dollar-38 Employee Firm in only 13 months. However, Bob insists that past accomplishments will pale in comparison to how Robot Reply will impact Thousands of Individuals and Businesses in the "New Era of Internet Marketing."
Brian Garvin
President & Head of Marketing

Brian Garvin is considered by many to be one of the top Internet Marketers in the world today. Brian is a proven leader and consistent mid six figure income earner and has been responsible for a few great software innovations currently being used by tens of thousands of marketers worldwide. Brian's also been the top producer in some pretty well known programs. Let Brian tell you first hand why RobotReply is the best deal anywhere!

"Would just like to say that you've done a great job with the system running We will probably suggest your service to all our members as a mean of maximizing their results with our business. Your system is VERY userfriendly and I truly believe you got a genuine winner here."

Thomas Alling
CEO, Cutting Edge International (

"Wow, what an incredible value. I love the responders and ad-trackers. I'd use these even if we never received one lead. They were a snap to setup. What really excited me is all the other features you are always adding. You weren't kidding when you said you were making it your personal mission to be the best Automation Service online within 6 months of launching were you? Your service offers more features than most of the Automation Services that don't even offer leads. I can't imagine what it will be like 6 months from now. You can count on aggressive promotion from me in 2006. Thanks for offering this super service we can all use."

Miguel Alvarez
Cancun, Mexico
"The most advanced marketing hosting service ever developed"

"I've made close to a million dollars on-line with my websites in the last few years. As you know Brian, I also spoke along side you in Las Vegas at the Internet Marketing Super Conference. Like you would imagine, I view thousands of Business Opportunity Websites and tools. I'm also the owner of a couple very popular safelists. I can say without hesitation that Robot Reply will work to promote my websites, and ANY other website in existence today. I found the responders easy to setup and the support very courteous and friendly. You definitely have a huge winner on your hands. Me and my partner Lawrence Pryor will definitely be recommending Robot Reply to all our safelist customers."

Andrew Fox

"Your autoresponder looks AWESOME... I'm going to nail all my lists with it..."

Chris Fuchs
Las Vegas, NV.

"Good tools, leads and autoresponders are the crux of this industry and can really propel one's business into the stratosphere, especially if the tools were put together by people with experience in the field and true know-how. Well done guys!"

Dan Valter

"After my initial bad experience with lead quality, I wanted to let you see this: "The list was successfully parsed for 220 and 218 subscribers were added to your list. " The best experience ever with leads..."

Orbie Rivers
Dallas, TX.

"Your system is wonderful and I am recommending that the serious marketers in my group signup and use your system just like I do. My partner and I spent almost $300 last month signing up and testing autoresponders. Your system not only won hands down as the best system, but it was the least expensive."

Doris Birung
Las Vegas, NV.

"Not often do you hear directly from one of the masterminds of a program when searching for solutions. The personal touch makes a world of difference. I feel so much better knowing that my small investment is in 'good hands'. It further adds to the integrity and credibility of your programs.

Also, I'm really enjoying RobotReply and its many features. I edit all my emails in RobotReply using the 'spam filtering tool' before sending them out. One less email in a bulk folder could mean extra dollars in one's account. What a wonderful idea and marketing tool. Great Job, indeed!!!!!!! Thanks again for the assurance of fresh leads."

Alyne Washington
Gary, IN.

"I can not say enough about your customer support!! It is awesome! Thanks!"

Larry Fleckinger
Cocoa, FL.

"I used to work with 6 different autoresponder systems because each one had a feature I needed. But once I started to use Robot Reply the need to use anything else is gone! I finally found a system I’m 100% comfortable with. The mailings are super fast, the leads are great and the anti-spam checker is the most helpful tool to get my messages delivered. I can (and will), in good faith, recommend it to all my team members."

Gabriel Nave
Full Time Networker

"Bob and Brian, Wow...this system is incredible and your support is Top Notch. You guys have taken internet marketing to another level! You have put together a user friendly marketing system with all the bells and whistles for the advanced marketer to capitalize and explode their business! Having the ability to promote all your businesses out of one portal with all the tools set up for you ready to go, there is nothing out there on the net like it. The first step to marketing your business online is getting Robot Reply! Excellent Job guys!"

Michael Beecroft

" I've tried autoresponders before and given up because they are so difficult to use. But yours was screaming easy!"

Robin Magee

"I have access to millions of Opt-In Leads which I will be cutting up and distributing to my downline members as an incentive to join Robot Reply. Any site that's getting more traffic than, and within 2 weeks, is the top 5,000 on Alexa within 72 hours, received over 85,000 UNIQUE hits the first month in "beta" mode and picks up over 400 members without marketing to but a couple lists, I don't have to think twice about which team I wanna be on. I wanna be on the winning team. I'm a football coach part time, and all I can say is Robot Reply on 3.. READY.. BREAK!!"

Rick Hamilton
Ogden, Iowa

"Just wanted to thank you for your professionalism, your quick responses, and the time you take with your customers. The system is absolutely amazing. I'm only sorry I didn't use this great tool sooner. You've really put together a great follow-up system. Everyone involved with Internet marketing should be using this!"

Pat Blanks
Dover, DE.

"Great Tools and Leads! I have found that Brian Garvin does what he says he'll do. What attracted me to RobotReply was the unlimited use of autoresonders, plus the low priced exclusive leads. This combo alone can put you into hyper growth in no time. I also like the fact that the people Brian associates with are very optimistic about the Internet, while others are still wondering if it will work, they just do it and it does happen! They make things happen using the Internet and that's how I feel also!"

Robert Valarde

"I am amazed. In 4 years of network-marketing I've never seen this before. I worked all night to set up your responder-system. I also did set up my new web site I tested the responder with all its functions and everything is working great - believe me - I've seen all the programs on the internet. Good ones and very bad ones. This one is the best responder system today."

Ton Boerkamp
Apeldoorn, Netherlands

"Wow! I've used for 2 weeks and my primary program is already seeing fantastic results. The leads work, the owners are solid, the features are user-friendly and work great and the system is always up and running."

Mike Ede
Ontario, Canada

"Bob and Brian.. You guys actually pulled it off. I've made enough money with Brian Garvin this year to purchase a Mobile Home with cash, buy a bus, two cars and STILL have enough money left over to do what I want each month, so I can say without reservation that Brian knows how to make as much money on-line as he wants to make. After reviewing every aspect of this system, I couldn't find one thing I wanted that wasn't included."

Richard Dine
Belle Fourche, SD.

"Hello Brian and Bob, this tool will be invaluable to me. I can just setup my follow-up letters one time and let the leads to all the work, all I have to do now is sit back and take phone calls as they come in. This is coming from someone who uses autoresponders all the time, this one is the best I've seen. Take the best features from all the rest, combine them into one service, add traffic and outstanding support and you have"

Jeff West
Lynchburg, VA.

"Hello I just joined Robot Reply for the leads. If there's any reason to join, do it just for the leads. They are super high quality for the extremely low price. You really have something special going here. Keep up the great work, it will benefit us all in the long run. I always like the word T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More!"

David Deluna
Sacramento, CA.

"It was so easy to increase my sales from my main program using the high quality leads and wonderful tools in Robot Reply. I just wish it had been around 3 years ago. My first priority was recruiting 12 members into Robot Reply fast, now I have enough leads each month to work any program full time. It's a win/win deal and much better offer than all the major lead companies are offering. I guess it pays to have the connections Bob and Brian do. Congrats."

Chris Molinari
Corrales, NM.

"I was amazed at the quality of the product, the ease of use and the ongoing support. The step-by-step video tutorials made things a snap and all my questions were answered immediately by the polite support personnel."

Jeff Kinseth
Cedar Rapids, IA.

"Hey Brian.. Robot Reply has helped me tremendously. I had trouble using some of the User UNfriendly autoresponder services before. Once people signup for Robot Reply, they won't want to go back to the old one they were using. There's just too much personal guidance, tutorials and support. I'm getting spoiled already!"

Hans Park
Oceanside, CA.

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